What Is A Healthy Diet Program

Healthy Dieting in 2014lemon juice diet

Is’t hard to define a healthy diet but I guess a diet that uses natural organic produce like the humble lemon or grapefruit is possibly the best place to start.

There have been diets originating from the 1920′s that are still around today so that has something to say about the positive effects that  these cleansing diets  have.

So what is the lemonade diet?

Well it’s a combination of natural ingredient based around lemon juice. When taken over 10 to 14 days it gives your body a detoxing and weight loss effect.

Now this type of diet must be better for you that taking a pill , right! To keep the weight off once you have completed a diet you have to look at the whole picture. What I mean is you need to look at your whole lifestyle.

For instance when your finished a diet plan are you going to go back to the same old rut  your trying so hard to get out of. And before youu know it you’ve gained the weight back that you fought so hard to lose.

Clean Eating and Exercise


Eating whole ( not Processed) foods had got to be what your body thrives on, its what it was build for right. So combine clean eating and some cardio exercise like walking , running or rowing and you have then made a lifestyle change that will keep your weight at a slim healthy level.

Take the leep today, you’ll be glad you did.


Clean eating for the modern lifestyle